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Attention to the use of cold dryer

1) Do not place in the sun, rain, wind or places where the relative humidity is greater than 85%. Do not place in an environment with a lot of dust, corrosive or flammable gas. Do not place it in a place subject to vibration or where there is a risk of freezing of condensed water. Do not get too close to the wall to avoid poor ventilation. If it is necessary to use it in an environment with corrosive gas, a dryer with copper tubes treated with anti-rust or a stainless steel heat exchanger type dryer should be selected. It should be used at an ambient temperature below 40°C.
2) Do not wrongly connect the compressed air inlet. In order to facilitate maintenance and ensure maintenance space, a bypass pipeline should be provided. It is necessary to prevent the vibration of the air compressor from being transmitted to the dryer. Do not add the piping weight directly to the dryer.
3) The drain pipe should not stand upwards, folded or flattened.
4) The power supply voltage is allowed to fluctuate less than ±10%. A leakage circuit breaker of appropriate capacity should be installed. Must be grounded before use.
5) The compressed air inlet temperature is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (above 40°C), the flow rate exceeds the rated air volume, the voltage fluctuation exceeds ±10%, and the ventilation is too poor (ventilation is also required in winter, otherwise the room temperature will rise ) and other situations, the protection circuit will play a role, the indicator light will go out, and the operation will stop.
6) When the air pressure is higher than 0.15MPa, the drain port of the normally open automatic drain can be closed. The displacement of the cold dryer is too small, the drain is open, and air is blown out.
7) The quality of compressed air is poor, if dust and oil are mixed in, these dirt will adhere to the heat exchanger, reducing its working efficiency, and the drainage is also prone to failure. It is hoped that a filter will be installed at the inlet of the dryer, and it must be confirmed that the water is drained no less than once a day.
8) The vent of the dryer should be cleaned once a month with a vacuum cleaner.
9) Turn on the power, and turn on the compressed air after the running state is stable. After stopping, you must wait for more than 3 minutes before restarting.
10) If the automatic drain is used, it should be checked frequently whether the drainage function is normal. Always clean the dust on the condenser, etc. Always check the pressure of the refrigerant to determine whether the refrigerant is leaking and whether the capacity of the refrigerator has changed. Check to see if the temperature of the condensed water is normal.

Post time: Jan-17-2023