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The role of refrigerated compressed air dryer

The refrigerated compressed air dryer uses the expansion and vaporization temperature of the refrigerant to make the air lower and the ridge is lower, so that the low-temperature refrigerant penetrates into the air through the damp heat barrel, and the temperature of the hot air is lowered – the water in the air condenses into water droplets and settles down , so that the air becomes dry and the moisture content is greatly reduced. Its basic working principle is shown in the schematic diagram (Note: It is only a principle description, which may be inconsistent with the actual plum shielding pipe system layout!) For reference, I hope it will be helpful for your understanding:
Compressed air post-processing equipment refers to a complete set of filtering and drying equipment developed to remove tiny solid particles, a large amount of water and oil contained in the compressed air passing through the air compressor, including compressed air storage tanks, compressed air filters (high-efficiency removal Oil device, precision filter), compressed air dryer (freeze dryer, adsorption dryer), compressed air after cooler, etc.
compressed air storage tank
1. The function of the gas storage tank:
A. Store compressed air;
B. Buffer pressure. Since the pressure of the air discharged from the compressor fluctuates to a certain extent, the compressed air pressure that can be used at the air end is more stable after the air storage tank is installed.
C. Pre-dehydration: Part of the water vapor in the air has been compressed by the compressor to form liquid water droplets. Most of these water droplets will be deposited at the bottom of the air tank. The air tank has a drain valve and can be discharged manually or automatically.
2. Selection of air storage tank: The pressure of the selected air storage tank should be consistent with the working pressure of the air compressor, and the volume is about 1/5-1/10 of the volume flow rate of the air compressor; if the environment permits, a large capacity can be selected Air tank, helps to store more compressed air for better pre-dehydration.
DPC compressed air filter
1. The role of the filter: compressed air contains not only water, but also oil, dust and various odor components. Devices that physically filter and remove these compressed air pollutants are called filters.
2. Selection of filter: The selection of filter must be increased step by step in the order of filtering accuracy, and it is not allowed to skip the previous level of filtering and directly select the next level of filtering. For example, P-level (pre-filter) must be installed before A-level (post-filter), then F-level (fine filter), AC-level (deodorizing activated carbon filter), AD-level (sterilizing filter), in this order; The selection of the filter flow is equivalent to the volume flow of the air compressor.

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