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When is the best time to replace the air compressor?

Air compressor is a necessary production tool, once shut down will cause shutdown production loss, how to replace the air compressor at the best time?

If your air compressor has been used for more than 5 years, an occasional failure or replacement of spare parts may seem more cost-effective than buying a new machine, but in the long run, this is not necessarily the most economical choice.


Replacement or repair?

Before the elimination of the existing air compressor, we suggest that you thoroughly check the whole air compression system, you can consult bao De sales consultant, let Bao de manufacturers arrange technical service personnel for on-site inspection, let Bao de sales consultant for free tailored energy saving solutions for you.

The judgment criterion is: if the cost of maintenance exceeds 40% of the purchase price of the new air compressor, we recommend that you replace it rather than repair it, because the technical performance of the new air compressor is far more than the old air compressor.

Correctly estimate the life cycle cost

Air compressor life cycle cost, including purchase cost, power use cost, maintenance cost. Among them, power cost is the daily energy consumption of air compressor in the whole operation process, and it is also the biggest cost part in the whole life cycle, so the use of energy-saving technology can be greatly reduced.

The old air compressor can still be used after maintenance, but from the perspective of power consumption, the old air compressor consumes high power and leads to high energy costs. It may also be due to the aging of parts and components, the stable operation is not as reliable as the new machine, and the potential cost brought by the shutdown of air compressor.

According to the manufacturer's provisions of regular maintenance

Routine maintenance should also be included in the life cycle cost. Different brands on the market, different types of air compressor maintenance frequency is different also, DE air compressor during development, according to the air compressor machine performance calculated the life cycle of each component, the production high quality parts and greatly prolong the service life of the air compressor, user maintenance manual for maintenance on schedule as stipulated in the manufacturer can, of course, The maintenance period may also depend on your factory's production conditions.

It is more cost-effective to buy first-level energy efficient air compressor

Gb19153-2019 New NATIONAL standard level 1 energy efficiency air compressor, the important parameter to judge whether the air compressor saves energy is specific power, that is, how many kilowatts of electricity (KW /M3/ min) it needs to produce each cubic of compressed air, and the lower the power, the better.

Therefore, in addition to considering the service life of the existing air compressor, and the energy efficiency of the new air compressor, previous maintenance history and overall reliability.

According to the comprehensive cost of air compressor, the payback period of new machine investment is usually shorter than imagined.

Post time: Jul-06-2022