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Comrpessed Air System Main Pipe Comprsssor Precision Air Filter

Short Description:

Precision filter is also called security filter, the shell of the cylinder is generally made of stainless steel, and the internal use of PP melt-blown, line burning, folding, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element and other tubular filter elements as filter elements, according to different filter media and design process to choose different filter elements, in order to meet the requirements of effluent water quality. Used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions, high environmental requirements, high filtration accuracy of liquid medicine filtration, a wide range of applications, suitable for medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment and other industrial fields.

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No. Model Name Specification
(Capacity N M3/M)
Connection size Unit
1 TRF-01 Filter C.T.A.H,1.2m³/min 1.0MPa 3/4'' pic
2 TRF-02 Filter C.T.A.H,2.4m³/min 1.0MPa 3/4'' pic
3 TRF-04 Filter C.T.A.H,3.6m³/min 1.0MPa 1'' pic
4 TRF-06 Filter C.T.A.H,6.5m³/min 1.0MPa 1-1/2'' pic
5 TRF-08 Filter C.T.A.H,8.5m³/min 1.0MPa 1-1/2'' pic
6 TRF-12 Filter C.T.A.H,12.5m³/min 1.0MPa 2'' pic
7 TRF-15 Filter C.T.A.H,15.5m³/min 1.0MPa 2'' pic
8 TRF-20 Filter C.T.A.H,20m³/min 1.0MPa DN65 pic
9 TRF-25 Filter C.T.A.H,25m³/min 1.0MPa DN80 pic
10 TRF-30 Filter C.T.A.H,30m³/min 1.0MPa DN80 pic
11 TRF-40 Filter C.T.A.H,42m³/min 1.0MPa DN100 pic
12 TRF-50 Filter C.T.A.H,50m³/min 1.0MPa DN125 pic
13 TRF-60 Filter C.T.A.H,60m³/min 1.0MPa DN125 pic
14 TRF-80 Filter C.T.A.H,80m³/min 1.0MPa DN125 pic
15 TRF-100 Filter C.T.A.H,100m³/min 1.0MPa DN150 pic
16 TRF-120 Filter C.T.A.H,120m³/min 1.0MPa DN150 pic
17 TRF-150 Filter C.T.A.H,150m³/min 1.0MPa DN200 pic
18 TRF-200 Filter C.T.A.H,200m³/min 1.0MPa DN200 pic
19 TRF-250 Filter C.T.A.H,250m³/min 1.0MPa DN250 pic

Product Feature

1. The shell is made of die-cast aluminum, with a precise structure and long service life. All the shells are cleaned, degreased and subjected to special anti-corrosion treatment before spraying; to improve the durability.

2. A screw-free design method is adopted. A bayonet is designed on the top of the filter element, saving more installation space compared with the general screw design, and it is very easy to disassemble.

3. With leak detection equipment:filter leakage is the loss of energy.and it is not easy to find a lot of minor leakage;TRF series super-clean precision filters are 100% involved in strict leak detection test, to ensure that each product has no minor leakage.

4. The company has a special laboratory and has introduced advanced German testing equipment, and the product testing is in line with ISO8573-1:2010(E)international standard.

5. With a differential pressure meter or differential pressure indicator, it can simply measure differential pressure and show premature blockage of the filter element, so as to avoid excessive differential pressure or abnormal blockage of the filter element.

6. TRF series super-clean precision filter's core accessory--liquid level meter is used to detect whether the drainer is blocked; the maintenance is finished in advance,to protect the downstream equipment from pollution.

7. The uniquely designed ball valve is fitted with a seal ring, simple and convenient, with no need of sealing strip for installation.

8. In order to meet more application requirements, we have designed a series of fast combinations, suitable for various laboratories or laser cutting, advanced spraying, bottle blowing and other industries. They can be used directly in series without adding thread.

Photos (Color can be customized)

TRF precision filter (5)
TRF precision filter (2)
TRF precision filter (8)

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